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Brad Brunner's 1970 AMX with a RobbMc starter installed.

Gord Bedingfield's '64 Galaxie with a RobbMc starter (the only aftermarket starter that would fit in his application)

Werner Bartels' 1969 Mach 1 Cobra Jet Mustang with a RobbMc FE Thermostat Housing.

Salvatore Mennella of Power Surge Performance installed a RobbMc Starter on his Shelby Cobra 427.

Nothing Fancy Pulling Team with a RobbMc 550HP pump on a small block Olds V8.

Dave Hyndman's 1969 442 equipped with a RobbMc Olds 550HP Fuel Pump.

Harry Khodanian's Pontiac Firebird equipped with a RobbMc 1100HP Fuel Pump.

Michael Caplinger's 1972 Cutlass S 455 with a RobbMc 550HP pump.

Larry Hymowitz' 1970 Buick GS455 Stage 1 with a RobbMc 550HP pump.

John Pfau's 1984 Cutlass with a 455, nitrous oxide and a RobbMc 1100HP pump.

John Dieter's Cutlass 455 convertible with a RobbMc 550HP pump.

Ken Clinton's 1967 Dodge Dart with a RobbMc Magnum Cap Adapter. This is a small block V8 car that runs 10.40's!

Dan Stolarczyk's 351 Cleveland powered Mustang equipped with a RobbMc 550HP Pump.

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