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Fuel Pickup – 1/2" Sending Unit, PN 1104



1978-1987 GM G-body El Camino and Caballero with 22 gallon fuel tank.

1977-1990 GM G-body station wagon with 22 gallon fuel tank.

NOTE: Will fit tanks from fuel injected cars but not designed for use with an in-tank pump.

PN 1070   –8AN Option

Male –8AN fittings are added to the ends of the feed and return tubes.


PN 1080   –10AN Option

Male –10AN fittings are added to the ends of the feed and return tubes.


PN 1071   Reducer, 1/2" to 1/4" hose

Required when using a mechanical pump with 1/4" vapor return line.



  • Drop-in replacement for factory 5/16" or 3/8" sending units
  • Budget alternative to a fuel cell or weld-on sump
  • Recommended for cars with engines over 450 hp
  • Recommended for all cars with an electric fuel pump and return/bypass style regulator
  • 1/2" pickup and feed tubes reduce flow restriction to suction side of fuel pump
  • 1/2" return tube allows use of a return/bypass regulator without modifying the fuel tank or switching to a fuel cell
  • Return tube can be capped off if no return line is used
  • Use with a reducer to connect 1/4" vapor return line from a mechanical pump
  • Accepts factory 5/16" vent/EEC hose
  • Billet aluminum base and aluminum tubes are anodized for use with gasoline or alcohol
  • Stainless fuel level sending unit works with OEM fuel level gauges (0-90 ohm)
  • Eliminates restrictive, difficult to service intank “sock” filter. Use with RobbMc inline prefilter

Sending Unit Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide
Note: Microsoft Word is required to view/print this document.

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