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Ford Gen II Mini-Starter – PN 3002

RobbMc Ford FE/SB Gen II Mini-Starter


Applications: (See bottom of page for more info)

  • 351M/400 V8
  • 429/460 V8

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PN 2025   Pinion Support Modification

Prevents pinion gear deflection on hard to start engines. Deflection can damage the pinion gear, the flywheel ring gear, and even the starter gear reduction assembly. Recommended for engines with any of the following:

  • Over 500 cubic inches
  • Over 11 to 1 compression ratio
  • Crank trigger ignitions
  • Magneto ignitions
  • More than 18° of ignition advance during cranking
  • Locked out or no distributor advance
  • Electronic start retard
  • Any engine that may kick-back during cranking


PN 2013   Replacement Nose

Also known as the mounting block.


PN 3020   Replacement Gen II Solenoid

Fits Gen II starters. Solenoid is held to starter with two screws.


PN 2020   Replacement Solenoid

Fits older RobbMc starters. Solenoid is held to starter with three screws.



  • This starter is 7-13/16" long from the mounting surface to the end of the motor.
  • The solenoid can be rotated to any position without taking the starter apart. We recommend positioning the solenoid under the starter motor and towards the oil pan. This makes it easier to connect the battery cable and keeps the solenoid away from exhaust heat.
  • This starter has three mounting holes. Most applications will only use two of the three.
  • This starter has one mounting hole that is threaded.
  • This starter has a register diameter of 4.083" and is designed for ring gears that are 5/8" from the starter mounting surface.
  • Replaces Lester numbers 3142S, 3149, 3152, 3174, 3150

RobbMc Gen II Ministarter Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide
Note: Microsoft Word is required to view/print this document.

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