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Buick 550HP Fuel Pump – PN 1002

Buick 550HP Fuel Pump



Buick 400/430/455 Series V8

PN 1102   Dual Outlet Option

The standard outlet port is on the bottom of the pump. This option places an additional outlet on the side of the pump, 180 degrees from the inlet port. Having the choice of two outlet positions can make it easier to run fuel lines to the pump.


Buick 550HP Fuel Pump Specifications:

  • Vapor Return Line Option PN 1010 Included
  • For Engines Up To 550 horsepower
  • Can be upgraded later to an 1100HP for $100
  • Valve Body Can Be Rotated To Any Angle: No Disassembly Required
  • Machined to Clear most Double Roller Timing Chains
  • Maximum Output Pressure: 8 PSI (+/- 1) (A pressure regulator may be required)
  • Side Inlet Port: 1/2 NPT
  • Bottom Outlet Port: 1/2 NPT
  • Recommended Fuel: Gasoline or gasoline/ethanol blends
  • Recommended MINIMUM Feed Line Size: 3/8" (or –6AN) up to 450 hp; 1/2" (or –8AN) up to 550 hp
  • Recommended Pre-Filter: Factory In-Tank Filter or RobbMc PN 1024

Buick 550HP Fuel Pump Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide
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