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Bellhousing Alignment Dowels

Kits are $29 Each

Each kit contains two offset dowels and two screws. Three sizes and three offsets are available.

GM Offset Dowel Kits (.621 diameter) Fit most GM 6/8 cylinder including LS type

PN 1011   .007 offset

PN 1012   .014 offset

PN 1013   .021 offset

Ford Offset Dowel Kits (.500 diameter) Fit most Ford 6/8 cylinder engines but will NOT fit late model modular OHC engines such as the 4.6L.

PN 1014   .007 offset

PN 1015   .014 offset

PN 1016   .021 offset

Mopar Offset Dowel Kits (.496 diameter) Fit most Mopar 6/8 cylinder

PN 1017   .007 offset

PN 1018   .014 offset

PN 1019   .021 offset

Bellhousing alignment is critical to ensure smooth shifting and maximum clutch life. The hole in the rear face of the bellhousing should be concentric with the crankshaft within .005" (.010 TIR).

Unfortunately, many aftermarket (and even some stock) bellhousings are not as concentric as they should be. This may be due to a problem with the bellhousing and/or the engine block.

Once the amount and direction of the misalignment are determined, offset dowels can be used to correct the problem. Unfortunately, a bit of trial and error is usually required to get the offset dowels pointed in the right direction.

At least two other companies currently make offset bellhousing dowels. Both brands make their dowels with a screwdriver slot which is to be used to rotate the dowels.

"Brand L" dowels are designed to be pressed into the block. Unfortunately they either fit so tight they have to be removed in order to rotate them, or they fit so loose they won't stay at the proper angle. (The instructions that come with the "Brand L" pins even state that the alignment must be rechecked every time the bellhousing is removed). "Brand L" dowels come in two sizes; one for GM and one for Ford/Mopar. The Ford/Mopar size is a compromise. This means they fit so tight in a Mopar engine block that they usually have to be pounded in with a big hammer and are nearly impossible to remove let alone rotate.

"Brand M" dowels slip easily into the engine but the block must be drilled and tapped in two places so that set screws can be installed to prevent the dowels from rotating once they are pointed in the correct direction. This is difficult at best and nearly impossible if the engine is still in the vehicle. "Brand M" dowels are available only for GM engines.

RobbMc bellhousing dowels are unique. They slip easily into the engine block and are designed to be turned with an open end wrench rather than a screwdriver. Once they are pointed in the correct direction, a screw (which runs down the center) is tightened which prevents the dowel from rotating. No need to pound the pins in and out. No drilling and tapping required. No need to recheck the alignment if the bellhousing is removed. Three sizes are available so they fit each engine correctly. Dowels are longer than stock so engine plates can be used.

RobbMc Alignment Dowels Installation Instructions
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