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RobbMc Starters

Like No Other Starter

There are a lot of companies making aftermarket mini starters for the performance industry. The vast majority of these starters are based on Hitachi or Nippon Denso designs. These designs originated in Japan about 40 years ago. Today, many of these starters, while based on the Japanese designs, are actually made in China.

RobbMc Starters are based on a more modern, American design. By using a permanent magnet motor and planetary gear reduction, RobbMc Starters are lighter, smaller, make more power and have no offset between the centerline of the pinion gear and the centerline of the electric motor (See chart below).

Most “adjustable” mini starters can be rotated, but only within a limited number of possible positions. These starters also must be partially disassembled before they can be rotated. RobbMc starters can be rotated to any position, without taking the starter apart, and in many cases, without even removing the starter from the engine!

RobbMc starters can be ordered with a pinion support cone. This supports the end of the starter gear, preventing deflection under load and making the starter 50% more resistant to kick-back.

Unlike other mini starters, the solenoid on RobbMc starters can be easily replaced without taking the starter apart.

Due to their modular design, RobbMc starters can easily be moved from one type of engine to another. For instance, a RobbMc starter for a Chevy can be converted to a starter for an AMC by simply swapping the nose. Noses are sold separately and attach to the front of the starter with four screws.

Compare RobbMc Starters to the Hitachi and Denso based starters and see why no other starter is like a RobbMc Starter.